Landscape Photographer

Andy McKay 

Since childhood I have loved spending as much time as possible outdoors and in nature and my fascination with the natural world has only grown with me. 


Over the past 15 years, exploring the landscape with my camera has become a passion - ever since I captured a beautiful sunset image on Nairn beach one summer evening in 2003 on a basic point and shoot film camera. My love for the art and craft of photography continues to grow and creating images in beautiful light, dramatic weather and wild places feeds my soul. 

My goal is to create Fine Art Photographs. This means images that are both artistically inspired and technically excellent. I believe fine art photography requires a combination of craft, artistry and soul. Just one or the other is not enough. Craft (technique) without artistry is cold and uninviting, while artistry without good technique creates visual barriers to truly enjoying the artwork. The photographer must also imbue soul into the artwork. It must create an emotional response and communicate at a deeper level than simply a description of the scene in front of the lens.

For me a work of art is primarily created by a person, not a machine, regardless of how technically advanced the latter may be.  For this reason, a photograph printed straight from the original capture, either film or digital is unsatisfying. Such an image represents the output of my camera rather than the expression of my emotions.

I hope that my art inspires and brings joy to those who see it.