• Andy McKay

A Dawn Lesson in the Carron Valley

A freezing cold night and a frosty morning led to a misty start in the Campsie Fells. I had decided to head over to the Carron Valley and photograph the dawn light striking the slopes of Meikle Bin, the second highest point in the area. The mist was thick above the reservoir below and was swirling around the hills too. As I waited for the sun to rise above the horizon over my left shoulder, I was checking my camera settings, tinkering with composition and checking focus etc. but the mist wasn't fading. I then looked behind me to see how the sun was doing - and noticed a beautiful sky had developed as the pink light found it's way though the small gaps in the clouds. I was just a little too late to capture the best of it but still quite like the image below. Lesson of the day? Always look behind you!

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